Meet: Tara Kennedy

Meet: Tara Kennedy

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Hi, I'm Tara. I'm 24 years old and working as a support hero in our Boise, Idaho office.

Before working at PartnerHero, I was living and working across the country in Michigan, where I also went to school to study Business Administration, Communication and Irish Studies. Irish Studies is random I know. But while I was in school I was fortunate enough to live and study in Ireland, where I fell in love with the nature, people and culture of the beautiful country. If you want to know a  random fact about Ireland, you can either google it or ask me!

My experience abroad allowed me to build relationships with people around the globe, teaching me to communicate with different cultures and lifestyles. The skill comes in handy with my role at PartnerHero, as I'm contact with customers and colleagues from different parts of the world each and every day.

I decided to come to Boise as I was looking for a place to better fit my interests and lifestyle. While I'm not at work you'll find me exploring many of the trails that the Boise foothills have to offer, going to the movies, hitting up a concert or spending time with my family.

As the Boise Office already knows every moment that I'm not spending working on a task, I am spending laughing and connecting with my colleagues.

So if you're ever in town stop by and share a laugh.