Meet: Sheryl de Guzman

Meet: Sheryl de Guzman

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Hi, I’m She, but my real name is Sheryl. I’m 40 years old and I’ve been with PartnerHero for over three months. I’m currently working as a Customer Support Specialist.
I am from Carmona, Cavite, Philippines. I am second to the eldest of 5 siblings and would often act as the eldest since I’m the official cook and housekeeper of the family.

At first, I’m upset about it but when I got married, I am thankful for the experience as it helped me take good care of my family, and I enjoy that.

A fun fact about me. People usually think I always shout when I’m talking, but it’s my normal tone. I love gardening but I don’t have a big garden...just some small pots containing succulents. I’m a homebody so I rarely get bored when at home. I have my children to pass the time with and if they are busy with their gadgets, I can crotchet and my own phone to kill time with.

I shifted course from BS Physical Therapy to Information Technology. Totally worlds apart huh? Aside from my computer and printing shop, I want to be able to open my own Eatery and Milk tea shop, hopefully by next year.

The partner I work with is a startup designed for meeting and connecting with other people. I love helping people reach their goals and connect with others they have in common with. Just by doing that, I feel I’m already a part of their community even when I don’t physically go out every day.

I feel like I’ve killed you guys with my boringness so I’ll cut this off now and let you all be. :)