Meet: Carlos Portillo

Meet: Carlos Portillo

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Hi there! My name is Carlos, some of you might know me as Charlie. Not that Charlie. I like being named like that because my whole family calls me Charlie, and when I started at PH, I felt that same warm feeling from my co-workers. It kinda made me feel at home.

I’m a support hero at Udemy in student side, I have been in PH for more than 2 years now and loved every day of it.I’m an only child and was diagnosticated with Diabetes type 1 when I was 8 years old, but that has never stopped me.

As you can see, I’m a very serious look-like person, but that’s just my face. Even my voice doesn’t help, but that’s something I’m working on to improve. (With a high pitch voice) Maybe this tone works better.

I love Rock n Roll, sports and video games once in a while. I’m still hustling in college with Industrial Psychology, but whenever I'm struggling I just remember the movie Meet the Robinsons. (Keep Moving Forward). So I hope to graduate soon and find the right spot to show my skills.

Something that just a few people know about me is that I really like cooking, some people say that I’m good at it, but still have a lot to learn. Some other things I’m passionate for is helping people and traveling, and I’m pretty sure those two were empowered by scouting.

I’m a scout since I was a little boy but my most joyful time started when I was 18, that’s when I began making lots of community work in different places.

Foster houses, nursing homes and even created an ongoing project called “VIveres para mi Ciudad” which collects supplies donated by people in supermarkets and are then given to different people in need. Scouting has been a great source of knowledge, adventures and a fantastic source of friends all around the world and I’m so grateful with PH for allowing me to go to my first trip to Iceland to the 15th World Scout Moot, where scouts all over the world meet.

So, that’s kinda who I am, and my journey in PH has been great. Their core values, the people, and communication has made it a great place to work in. I’m really looking forward to seeing what the future holds for me.