Meet: Alexandru Nicolae

Meet: Alexandru Nicolae

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Hello, I’m Alexandru Nicolae,  I’m twenty-three years old and I’m working as a Support Hero in Bucharest for a really cool partner.

I was born in Bucharest and lived here ever since. I’ve been passionate about computers and technology since I was little. I started doing design for gaming forums, video editing, and a little programming but then I decided to focus my whole free time into gaming.

I started playing League of Legends in 2012, and after two years I became one of the best professional players in Romania, and in the European Nordic & East server peaking at top fifty.

I won many competitions before retiring from the competitive scene, but after that, I became a personal coach for two years. During this time, I have coached over two- hundred fifty people, helping them improve their mentality and gameplay.

After this, I decided to reset my life completely, so I started working as a photographer in the Canary Islands for four months, developing my passion for photography, photomanipulation, and digital arts.

During the quarantine, I edited pictures, I had some casual gaming sessions and I worked for my project in PartnerHero. I also took some time to relax and to distance myself from the busy life which helped me to get closer to my family.

Working from home is great for me and I love it because I’ve always been used to this kind of environment that gives me this type of freedom so I can be more efficient and productive in my work.

My PH position is perfect for me because I’m working for a partner that develops board games for mobile platforms, so I’m very lucky to have a job in one of my favorite domains.

I hope that all of you can be lucky enough to earn their living doing what they love; combine work with pleasure and never stop chasing their dreams.