Introducing: PartnerHero's Talent Aquisition Team

Introducing: PartnerHero's Talent Aquisition Team

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If you work in human resources, you’re most certainly familiar with talent acquisition. For those who don’t know, Talent acquisition is the process of attracting, finding and hiring professionals for a needed company or resource.

Knowing when to hire the right person for the right job can be a very difficult and sometimes a daunting affair. This is when the sharp eyes of Talent Acquisition Professionals come in.

These recruiting professionals aren’t only skilled in sourcing tactics, assessments, and standards, but are also a part of building employment brand standards for companies to work off of.

Today, Talent Acquisition Day, we celebrate all those professionals who go through hundreds, maybe thousands of applications and are the first personal contact you have with a company.

We want to give a big (hero sized) shout out to PartnerHero’s Talent acquisition team and here they are: