Case Study: Privy

Case Study: Privy

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Our Partner

Privy is a digital marketing platform that was built specifically to drive online conversions through targeted on-site displays, convert first-time visitors into customers and send automated emails and texts that enable merchants to rapidly grow their audience and dramatically reduce cart abandonment.

Privy global impact

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Privy launched the world’s first marketplace for small ecommerce brands.

In support of  black owned ecommerce brands, during the recent protests and movement against police brutality in the US, Privy shared a blog post featuring 50 black-owned ecommerce brands.

The PartnerHero - Privy Partnership

  • Privy and PartnerHero started collaborating  on July 22, 2019.
  • The Privy - PartnerHero was originally launched with 2 agents in Brazil in 2019.
  • Customer Experience

Partnership Origins & Boot-up Stage

Privy was a small business and had a hard time finding right candidates in order to grow to the size they want. This limited their candidate pool and added to their recruitment expenses.

As PartnerHero we provide:

Capable and outstanding people. Our team mirrors their culture exceptionally well and we compliment each other.

Privy has consistently praised the quality of candidates we provide and recommend. We understand their culture and the personality traits they seek in their representatives.

PartnerHero Results & Achievements

  • 100% customer satisfaction met consistently
  • Queue emptied on a daily basis
  • Privy achieved its highest MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue) in company history in May 2020 (outside of Black Friday and Cyber Monday). This was a joint effort from all fronts including customer support

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