Applicant Video Submission

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Most people feel uncomfortable being on camera. It’s common to hear comments like:

  • “I look horrible!”
  • “My hair’s a mess!”
  • “I should have done my make up!”
  • “My voice sounds weird…”
  • “I’m sweating!” (and they’re not — just nervous)

We are always judging ourselves. This often happens because we are nervous. In this post, we’ll cover some concerns you may have about your applicant video submission.

Technical Aspects of the Video

I don’t have a high definition camera. Or lights… or audio equipment. Nothing!

That’s okay! You don’t have to worry about the technical aspect of your video. You can use your laptop’s front camera, an external web camera, or even your cell phone.

As you saw on the sample video, there are many technical factors that would be crucial elements in a more professional video (produced by a company, for example), but that are just fine in a homemade video.

Here we point out a couple of them:

Don’t worry about this. Focus on the content: What you are saying and how you say it.

Talk to us

There are several questions we ask. Remember to refer to the instructions in our “Application Process” video. You can refer to the individual question within the video by clicking on the chapters icon.

  1. A brief introduction about yourself
  2. What do you do for self-development?
  3. Why do you want to work in PartnerHero?
  4. Explain what would be the perfect work environment for you
  5. Why do you think you can be a great addition or fit to the company?
  6. Give us an explanation of your technical knowledge and experience
  7. What is your work experience and challenges?

Answer all of these questions honestly and with confidence.

Tips for a Superb Video

Loosening Up

If you need to loosen up, do several tryouts before you even turn the camera on. You can ask a relative or a friend to give you feedback. If you would rather do it by yourself, be sure to review your video after recording it, then check if you’re good to go.

People may get loose in different ways (shake it off, jump, etc). Do what best works for you.

Location, Location, Location!

Try to shoot in a space where you feel comfortable and know that you won’t be interrupted. It doesn’t have to be fancy. Remember, you have to choose the place for how it makes you feel, not for the video production’s sake.

Adding Music

Having a musical element can be a great asset to your video. It adds a mood and helps set the tone. You can use Garageband, Windows Movie Maker, or any other free software that allows you to add music to your video. End your video with confidence, be friendly and inviting.

Repeat It Until You Are Satisfied

It is not a live streaming, it’s a video! You can record as many times as you need. Repeat it until you feel comfortable and make sure you sound like yourself.

It’s okay to laugh, you are having a good time. Relax and let’s try again.

Direct Contact with the Camera

Remember you are interacting directly with the viewer, and a basic strategy to engage them is to maintain confident eye contact with the camera. Do not let your eyes wander.

Be Yourself!

Don’t try to impress anyone, just be yourself. Trust me, you are more interesting than you think, and we can’t wait to get to know you!

Good luck, and have fun!