A Healthy View on Nutrition

A Healthy View on Nutrition

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There is so much information available regarding nutrition and diet that it creates confusion for most people to determine what’s best for them. Complicating matters is the proliferation of ideal body images throughout social media channels, television, and film. Those images do have an impact on how we see ourselves and can create pressure to enter into an ill advised diet with the hopes of realizing a body we’ve been shown as the standard of beauty.

Shame and self-criticism is not where healthy dieting begins. Changing your diet, if desired, is about love for yourself and an interest in becoming more healthy by improving eating habits. My role as wellness coordinator is to provide a foundational understanding of nutrition and how to best care for your body through the food you eat.

As I share information, I’ll never categorize foods as either good or bad. Of course, there are choices that nourish our bodies and others that don’t. However, all types of foods can exist in a healthy diet and we’ll explore what a balanced approach can look like.

For those of you who gain interest in making dietary changes, my experience has shown me that small changes in what we eat creates sustainable long term changes. As you become more aware of your nutritional choices and the impact they have on your body, please keep in mind that you do not have to take drastic measures to get on the path to greater health.

Photo by Cecilia Par on Unsplash